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Week Two Highlights

Eagles Hall Straight Arrows and the Respect-A-Bulls met at the Eagles Hall for a night of darts. Taking the lead early, the Respect-A-Bulls were brought to a sudden halt in the second singles set, when the Straight Arrows won all five games. The Respect-A-Bulls didn’t really recover after that, letting the Arrows dominate the remainder of the matches. Leading the wins for the home team, Ron Keast couldn’t be beat in his five matches. He also had the high team score – 138. Mike Beno checked out one of his four wins with a 71. Anita Hopps led the Respect-A-Bulls’ wins with four of six matches ending in her favour. Kelly Kovacs doubled out three of his singles games. Randy Morrow, new to the league this season, hit a team high score of 137.

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 20, Respect-A-Bulls – 13


The Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes were hosted at the Parksville Legion by the Cascadia Bristle Bashers. Seven members strong, the Bashers overwhelmed the Eagle Eyes, winning the doubles and continuing the trend until Arless McNeill got the first win for the Eagles at the end of the first singles set. Arless had the first three wins for the team, until Harry Vanheerwaarden found his groove and doubled out. Arless was the Eagles top scorer of the night, taking four wins in five matches. Highest score came from Alan Barry, who shot a 133 and a 115 in his match against Steve Collins. Leading the wins for the Bristle Bashers, Terry Strawson won all five of his matches and pinned scores of 136, 125, 123, 120, 100x2 in the process. Team high score was a whopping 171, shot by Steve Collins in the first singles set, putting him in the #2 spot on the High Men’s Scores.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 24, Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 9


The Toolshed Triples welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters to the Eagles Hall. The top team of last season showed the home team why, winning all but one game in the first four sets. Dynamo Denise Tabler had the most points scored for the team, taking three wins in six singles matches. Jim Hood topped the scores with 134, 130 and 105. Legion Shooters Lee Page and Larry MacDonald were undefeated in their five matches, Lee hitting the top score of the night, along with Lorraine Paquette, pinning a 140 in the first doubles match.

Final score Toolshed Triples – 7, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 26


Two of the newly formed teams met at the Qualicum Beach Legion for an evening of learning, coaching and long matches. Seven of the ten people playing had to first learn how to play in the league, how to chalk will come later. The wins ping-ponged back and forth until the mid-way point of the night (somewhere around 9:15 pm) when the Joker’s Wild pulled ahead of the River Benders. Leading the wins for the Joker’s Wild, Richard Rempel was six for six and topped the scores with a 119. Newcomer Dave Edwards won four of his six matches. Leading the wins for the wins for River Benders, Captain Jim Thompson and newcomer, Rod Swindells, topped the points with four wins in six matches. Jim lead the high scores with a 138, 123 and 100x4.

Final score Joker's Wild – 20, River Benders – 13


Also playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Short Sighted Crew hosted the Eagles Hall X-Men to thirty-three games of darts. The Men took the lead early in the match and didn’t let go until the last match. Leading the wins for the X-Men, Pony Moore won all but one of his five matches. Newcomer Darren Wesnoski topped the high scores with a 140 & 100x2. Leading the wins for the Crew, Peter Bisiker won four of his six singles games and hit scores of 140 and 154, putting him #3 on the Men’s High Score, right behind Steve Collins. Don Punter and Ron Stanley shored up the team wins by three each.

Final score Short Sighted Crew – 13, Eagles Hall X-Men – 20


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