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Week Sixteen Highlights

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Getting together at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Parksville Legion B-Sharps to a full night of darts. The B-Sharps dominated from the get-go, taking all three doubles and 21 more games from the home team. Leading the wins for the B-Sharps, Stan Foster and Arless McNeill both won five out of six singles games. Arless took team high score of the night with a 129 and Andy Burton had an 88 out, putting him on the Leader Board. The Toolshed Triples struggle to double out, despite all the players hitting decent scores. Captain Leslie Rogers became the first woman to achieve a Perfect Score, hitting a 180 in her game against Stan Foster, breaking the 180 curse and winning the game. Congratulations Leslie! Most wins went to Keith Reimer, who doubled out four of his six singles games. Team high score of 125 was shot by Jim Hood. Final score Toolshed Triples 9 – B-Sharps 24.


Over at the Parksville Legion, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion Short Sighted Crew for a fast-paced night of chucking arrows. Basher Warren Potter led the onslaught, proving unbeatable in all five singles games, achieving scores of 112, 117 and 133. Dustin Fee and Steve Collins supported Warren by each winning four for four. 140’s abounded with both Terry Strawson and Dustin pinning the high score of the night. All but one of the Crew managed to take two wins apiece from the Bashers. With Peter Bisiker also hitting a 140 in his match against Warren. Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers 24 – Short Sighted Crew 9.


Back at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows met with the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes for a fun, fast-paced night of darts. The away team jumped ahead of the home team, taking all three doubles and kept up the pressure until the end of the night. The Eagle Eyes dynamic duo, Tedd Ducker and Richard Rempel, were undefeated in their six singles games, followed by four wins from Harry VanHeerwaarden. Tedd topped the high scores with a 100, 121, 125, and 138. Richard was solid, scoring six 100’s. Four of the six Straight Arrows took two wins each from the Eagle Eyes players. Arrows' Poul Reimer hit two 133’s and two 114’s. Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows 10 – Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 23.


The San Group Wood Chuckers hosted the Parksville Legion Shooters at the Qualicum Beach Legion on Tuesday night. Short a player, the Legion Shooters recruited the one and only Lee Page to spare for the night. Proving his skills aren’t rusty, Lee brought four wins in five singles to the final score, but it was Larry MacDonald who proved himself unbeatable, taking five wins away from the home team. Shooter Thom Ford topped the scores with a 153. George Wallis tucked himself on the Leader Board with an 80 check out. Putting up a good fight, the Wood Chuckers hit lots of high scores but not many doubles. Chucker Jim Thompson won four of his five matches and topped the high scores with a 177, putting himself at the top of the list for men’s high score for the season. Congrats Jim! Adding his name to the very short list of Perfect Scores, Kelly Kovacs hit a 180 in his match against Thom Ford. True to the tradition, he did not take the game though. Captain Angie Kienas hit a 98 out against Shooter Captain Lorraine Hopps, adding her name to the Ladies High Out list. Good darts Angie! Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 10 – Parksville Legion Shooters 23.


Also playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Legion Bulls Hitters hosted the Eagles Hall X-Men to a closely matched night of darts. Both teams had 9 wins at the half-way point of the match, but a push in the final set of the night put the Bulls Hitters ahead of the X-Men. Joe Fortune led the wins for the Hitters, doubling out four of his five matches. Ryan Fortune, Bernie Brockway and Alan Farmer contributed three wins each to the total tally for the team. Topping the scores for the Hitters, Ray Jones pinned a 134 in his winning match against X-Men’s Fraser Vincent. Leading the wins for the X-Men was a three-way tie between Pony Moore, Glen Dilworth and Ruth Kovacs, each bringing three wins to their total score. Topping the high scores, X-Men Glen Dilworth and Steve Stewart hit 140’s against their opponents. Final Score Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters 18 – Eagles Hall X-Men 15.

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