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Week Six Highlights

Gathering at the Parksville Legion, the top team met the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes for a fun-filled night of darts. With six playing for each side, it was an easy set of doubles, followed by 30 singles. It was a close match, up until the fifth set when the Shooters mowed down the Eagle Eyes with five straight wins. The away team rallied and managed to keep up with the home team, but it was the five-point lead that remained at the end of the night. Final score 19 to 14 for the Shooters. Leading the wins for the home team, Captain Lorraine Hopps, Thom Ford, and Larry MacDonald, all won four of five matches. George Wallis topped the scores with a 125 and a high check-out of 92. The men lead the wins for the Eagle Eyes - Richard Rempel, Tedd Ducker, and Mike McNulty – pulled three wins each away from their opponents. Richard shot a 140 and Mike McNulty had a 94 check-out.


Playing out of the Qualicum Beach Legion the Bulls Hitters welcomed the San Group Wood Chuckers to the league by besting them 18 to 15. There was some confusion over the line-up near the end of the night, with Bernie Brockway playing two games in a row, and winning both! Leading the wins for the home team – Bernie Brockway, Joe Fortune, and spare, Ryan Fortune – each doubled out first in four matches. High scorer for the Bulls Hitters was Alan Farmer, who shot scores 100x2, 123, 125, 135 & 140! Nice darts! Leading the wins for the Wood Chuckers, Jim Thompson, got five wins in six games – his first loss of the season, and top scores of 100x4, 140 and a 100 check-out.


Home at the Eagles Hall, the Straight Arrows hosted the Toolshed Triples to an evening of fun and double-outs. Taking the lead early, and keeping it, the home team doubled out two-to-one over the Triples. Leading the wins for the home team, Straight Arrow, Mike Beno, was back in form and didn’t miss a double in his five matches. Bolstered by teammates, John Curtis and Ron Keast – who shot a 140 – both won four of their five matches. It was a three-way tie for most wins – two matches each – for Triples’ Darren Tabler, Jim Hood and Keith Reimer. Team high score went to Keith with a 100, 102, 114 and 121. Final score 22 to 11 for the Straight Arrows.


Also playing at the Eagles Hall on Tuesday night, the X-Men greeted their rivals, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers with smiles and cheers, for a fun, fast-paced game of darts. Starting strong and staying strong, the Bristle Bashers bested the home team 23 to 10. Proving his return to darts, Bristle Bashers’ Terry Strawson, was undefeated in his five matches, and an impressive 105 check-out. Warren Potter, was next in wins, losing only to Ruth Kovacs, with four wins at the end of the night. Topping the scores for the Bristle Bashers, Noella Ross, hit a 127. Leading the wins for the home team, Pony Moore took three wins in five matches, and Captain Todd Burnham hit the team high score of 123!


Hosting the Parksville Legion B-Sharps at their former home venue, the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew were bested by their opponents one win per set, resulting in an 18 to 15 win for the B-Sharps. Leading the wins for the aways, Andy Burton took all but one of his five matches, bested by newcomer, Carolynne Hawryluk. Arless McNeill hit the team high score of 121. Captain Ron Stanley, of the Short-Sighted Crew, led his team wins with four doubles in six matches. Supporting his wins, teammates Don Punter and Steven Eckhart, added three wins each to the team total. Ron hit a 140, as did Steven, to share the high score of the night.


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