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Week 22 Dart Highlights

Updated: Mar 11

Stepping up to the oche last Tuesday, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters at the Parksville Legion for the match that almost wasn’t.  Bristle Basher Terry Strawson reeled in the most wins, five in his six singles, pinning 140 twice and hitting eight 100’s on his way. With strong support from Warren Potter’s four wins, the five-man team made the most of their time at the toe-line, battling for the win through to the final set.  The Shooters were solid, with most of the team doubling out three of their five matches.  Shooters Lee Page and Rocky Paquette topped the scores with a 140 each.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 18, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 15


Gathering at the Eagles Hall, the home team Straight Arrows welcomed the Parksville Legion River Benders to thirty-three games of tossing darts.  The Straight Arrows started the match strong, staying ahead of their opponents throughout the entire match.  Leading the wins for the Straight Arrows, Mike Beno was undefeated in his six singles games.  Arrow Poul Reimer topped the scores with a 121 in his final match of the night.  Captain Jim Thompson led the River Benders in wins, doubling out four of his five singles games (losing only to Mike Beno) and inserted his name on the list of Men’s High Out for the season by hitting a 104.  Jim also hit the top score of 160 & 140, followed by a 133 shot by Craig Dempsey. 

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 20, Parksville Legion River Benders – 13


Filling up the rest of the boards at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes met with the Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls Tuesday night.  The match was a duel, every time one team got ahead, the opponents pulled out another win.  The match was tied 14-14 at the start of the final set, but the match between Colleen McNeill and Leila Raynor sealed the win in the Eagle Eyes favour.  Leading the wins for the home team, Captain Harry Van Heerwaarden and Colleen McNeill tied for tops with four wins in five games each.  Colleen also had team high score of 132, along with a 113 and a 100.  Most wins for the Respect-A-Bulls came from Randy Morrow and Captain Anita Hopps, both winning four of their six singles.   Anita topped the scores for the team with a 140 in her final match of the night. Tom Ayley pinned a 78 out, nowhere near the 108 out which has him perched at the top of the Men’s High Outs for the season. 

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 17, Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls – 16


Meeting at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Jokers Wild hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew.  Now that the Crew is full again, there was no stopping them.  Don Punter was unbeatable in his six matches, and Peter Bisiker was his usual nearly perfect self, winning all but one of his six singles games and pinning the team high scores of 140, 132 and 100.  Leading the wins for the home team, Dave Edwards rose to the top of the ranks for a second week in a row, double out four of his six singles matches.  Shawn Vanier topped the team scores with a 136 and a 120. 

Final score Jokers Wild – 13, Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew – 20


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