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Week 23 Dart Action

The match between the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters and the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows was postponed due to a medical emergency on the night of the match.  Our thoughts are with Rocky and Lorraine as they navigate the next few weeks. The tournament schedule has been postponed one week to allow the two teams to reconvene for a make-up game.


Over at the Parksville Legion, the Parksville Legion River Benders hosted the Eagles Hall X-Men to a raucous night at the oche.  The doubles set was troubles for the home team, but won each singles set by a point, until the very last set.  Leading the wins for the River Benders, Craig Dempsey, defeated all five of his opponents.  Rod Swindells topped the scores with a 136.  With Captain Todd Burnham off for the evening, the remaining five did their best to pull the team over the finish line.  Play was pretty consistent throughout the night, but a near white-wash in the final singles set dragged the X-Men over the finish line into first place.  Fraser Vincent pinned a 132 and Glen Dilworth picked off five wins in six matches to lead the wins for the team. 

Final score Parksville Legion River Benders – 16, Eagles Hall X-Men – 17


Tucked into the back corner of the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes welcomed the Jokers Wild to a long night of darts.  Both teams certainly got their moneys’ worth last Tuesday with most matches finishing on a single digit double.  Tying for lead wins, Toni Crompton and Alan Barry each brought four wins to the nights’ totals.  Arless McNeill was in his usual fine form, adding a third 180 to his credit.  Team high score – 156 – was shot by Captain Harry Van Heerwaarden.  As their opponents gathered for a team photo before the match commenced, they acknowledged their final regular season game as a full team.  Jokers Wild Richard Rempel is leaving the area, heading for the bright lights of the big city – Victoria. We’ll miss you Richard, your amazing skill, beyond reproach scoring and sportsmanlike demeanor will be hard to replace.  Although leaving the league, as expected Richard won all five of his singles matches and took out an 89 with two darts in his doubles match.  His scores were impressive as well – 140, 131, 125 and 100 – those last three scores shot in a single match against Eagle Eye Sue Barry. 

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 20, Jokers Wild – 13


Hosting the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples started off the match well enough, but slipped after the first set to let the Crew overtake the rest of the match.  Leading the wins for the Triples, Jim Hood and Darren Tabler pulled three wins each from the Crew.  A strong start from the Crew pulled them way ahead by the middle of the match, when undefeated Peter Bisiker catapulted himself to the top of the Men’s High Outs for the season, taking out 129 with a double bull finish.  Nice darts Peter! Team mate, Don Punter, was in fine form, also winning all six of his singles matches and hitting scores of 126, 115 and 104 along the journey.

Final score Toolshed Triples – 13, Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew – 20


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