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Week Fifteen Dart Action

The match between the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes and the Parksville Legion Shooters was postponed. The Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes would like to extend their condolences to the Hopps family. Our thoughts are with you, Lorraine and Noella, during this sad family time.


The San Group Wood Chuckers met with fellow Qualicum Beach Legion team, the Bulls Hitters, to a rollicking night of darts. Ping-ponging back and forth for the lead, the Bulls Hitters pulled out ahead in the end. Leading the wins for the Hitters, Fun Shoot winner Ryan Fortune and Ray Jones, each doubled out four of their five matches. Ray finished one of his matches with a 76 out – was that a two or a three-dart finish Ray?

Leading the scores for the Hitters, Joe Fortune and Bernie Brockway both shot a 140. Top wins for the Wood Chuckers was Jim Thompson, who proved unbeatable in his five matches. Kelly Kovacs struggled to double out, but shot some very good scores in his efforts – 125 was the team high score. Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 15 – Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters – 18.


Playing at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples welcomed the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows to a six-on-six match of darts. Taking the lead early, the away team had double the wins of the home team but lost their commanding lead in the second half of the match. The push by the Triples in the sixth and seventh sets was impressive, but not enough to overtake the Arrows. Final score – Triples 15 – Arrows – 18. Leading the wins for the Straight Arrows, John Curtis, Mike Beno and Poul Reimer put four wins each to the final total. John also had team high score – 128. Leading the wins for the Triples, Captain Lesley Rodgers defeated the Arrows in four of her five matches, with Keith Reimer hitting the high score of 118.


Over at the Parksville Legion, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers treated the Eagles Hall X-Men to a doubles deluge. Setting the tone with a whitewash in the first set of singles, the home team Bashers continued their onslaught until the end of the night. Leading the wins for the Bashers, Steve Collins led the pack with six wins in six matches, followed by five wins for both Warren Potter and Terry Strawson. Warren took out not one, but two, matches with a 107 check out! Darrell Jobb checked out a 106, way to go D!! Steve Collins topped the scores with 140, 131, 125, 121, and 114. Topping the wins for the X-Men, Glenn Dilworth took three wins in five matches from the home team opponents and had scores of 100x2 and 121. Topping the X-Men scores, Ruth Kovacs pinned a 122 and Pony Moore took out a 78 against Warren Potter.

Final score – Cascadia Bristle Bashers 26 – Eagles Hall X-Men – 7.


Also at the Parksville Legion, the B-Sharps met with the Qualicum Beach Legion Short Sighted Crew for a boisterous night of darts. Closely matched throughout the evening, it was the final game of the final set that decided the winner. Neil Selinger doubled out before Don Punter, winning the match for the B-Sharps. Rarely breaking a sweat, the B-Sharps’ Arless MacNeill led his team in wins – four out of five in his favour – and topped the high scores with 100 & 140. Captain Colleen MacNeill shot a 134 and Andy Burton shot 132. Leading the wins for the Short Sighted Crew was the UNBEATABLE Peter Bisiker, six for six, and scores of 100x3, 121, and 134. Stoically facing his opponents, the Crews’ Ernie Berrow took four wins away from his challengers.

Final score – B-Sharps 17 – Short Sighted Crew – 16.

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