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Week Eighteen Dart Highlights

Gathering at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters to a full night of darts. Despite winning all three doubles matches, the Toolshed Triples were quickly overtaken by the away team. Coming out swinging in the first set of singles, the Hitters took the first eight games and maintained their dominance through to the end of the night. Leading the wins for the Hitters, holiday-bound Joe Fortune, was undefeated in all his matches. Peter Spinks topped the scores with a 108. Leading the wins for the home team, Triple Jim Hood, bested his opponents in four of his five singles games, along with hitting 100x2. Keith Reimer also shot a 100 to join Jim for high score.

Final score Toolshed Triples 13 – Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters – 20.


Playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion on Tuesday night, the Short Sighted Crew welcomed the Parksville Legion Shooters to thirty-three games of darts. With Captain Ron Stanley home recuperating from surgery, the Crew recruited Kevin Dean to spare. Welcome to the league Kevin! Despite a strong start in the doubles matches, the home team were no match for the League No. 2 team. Unable to get a leg over their opponents, the final score was Short Sighted Crew 10 – Legion Shooters 23. Leading the wins for the Shooters, Larry MacDonald doubled out all six of his matches, followed by five wins each from Thom Ford and George Wallis. Shooter high scorer was Larry MacDonald, who shot 100x3, 133 and 140. Taking three wins each from their dominating competitors, Crew members Steven Eckhart and Peter Bisiker, led the wins for the team. Steven took high score with a 121 shot in the first singles match.


Meeting at the Parksville Legion, the Legion B-Sharps hosted the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes to a fun and fast-paced night of darts. Closely matched throughout the night, the Eagle Eyes won all but one set to come out the winners at the end of the match. Leading the wins for the Eagle Eyes, Mike McNulty and Richard Rempel were undefeated in all five of their matches. Mike McNulty took top score, hitting an impressive 162, keeping him solidly on the Leader board for the season. High out went to Captain Jolene Swanson, who shot a 2-dart 80 check out in her final match of the night. While it’s not enough to get her on the Leader Board, she is still impressed as hell. J Leading the wins for the B-Sharps, Andy Burton and Stan Foster wrestled three wins each away from their opponents. While Andy and Stan both had a series of high scores, it was Neil Selinger who topped the scores with a 137 in his final match of the night.

Final score B-Sharps 15 – Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 18.


Also playing at the Eagles Hall, the home team, Straight Arrows, were bombarded by the Cascadia Bristle Bashers. Proving why they are the league’s No. 1 team, the Bristle Bashers took charge from the first thrown dart and didn’t give the Arrows a chance. The Basher’s dynamic duo, Terry Strawson and Steve Collins, won all five of their matches and Steve took top score for the team, hitting 130, 133 and 140. Leading the wins for the Arrows, Mighty Mike Beno took four wins from the pillaging Bashers and Poul Reimer wrestled two wins to his credit.

Final score Straight Arrows 6 – Cascadia Bristle Bashers 27.


Filling up the boards at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the San Group Wood Chuckers greeted the cheerful Eagles Hall X-Men to thirty three games of darts. Closely matched throughout the evening, the sixth set got away from the Chuckers and the X-Men took a commanding lead to defeat the home team in the end. Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 15 – Eagles Hall X-Men 18. Leading the wins for the X-Men, Captain Todd Burnham and Pony Moore, each won five of their six matches. Todd and Glenn Dilworth topped the scores for the night, both hitting a 140. Over on the Chuckers, top male player in the league, Jim Thompson won four of his six matches and hitting 100x5, 123, and 140x2. Four of Jim’s 100’s were scored in one game against X-Men Ruth Kovacs, who retaliated with a 133 score. Captain Angie Kienas and Kelly Kovacs supported their team with three wins each and plenty of scores over 100.


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