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Week 6 Dart Action

With almost a full team, the Respect-A-Bulls welcomed to Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes to the Parksville Legion for thirty-three games of darts. Hoping to gain some needed lost points from the previous week’s forfeit, the home team couldn’t muster up the doubles against their opponents. The Eagle Eyes were in their best form of the season, taking every chance to double out first. Top wins for the Eagle Eyes was a four-way tie between captain, Harry Vanheerwaarden, Alan Barry, Sue Barry and Arless McNeill – all with five wins in six matches. Topping the scores, Harry pinned a 147 in first set of singles. Most wins for the Respect-A-Bulls was also a tie between captain, Anita Hopps, Joe Fortune and Kelly Kovacs – each pulling two wins from the Eagle’s grasping talons. Respect-A-Bull Randy Morrow tallied no wins, but did get the high score of the night, shooting a 140 in his match against Alan Barry.

Final score Respect-A-Bulls – 7, Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 26


The carnage was almost as bad over at the Qualicum Legion, when the neophyte team, Joker’s Wild, hosted the veteran team, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters. Taking the lead early, the Shooters were coasting along, when captain, Jolene Swanson, broke their winning streak in the final singles match of the first set. Bolstered, the home team managed to tally two wins per set after that. Jolene and Richard Rempel both won four of their six matches, with Richard topping the scores with a 135. Lee Page had a near perfect night, along with hitting scores of 100x5, 121, 125, 127, he shot an astounding 177 in his match against newbie Shawn Vanier. Congrats to Lee on winning all five of his matches and jumping to the top of the Leader Board with that amazing score!

Final score Joker's Wild – 10, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 23


Match between the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows and the Toolshed Triples was postponed.


While the one Eagles team soared on the road, another struggled at home against the Cascadia Bristle Bashers. The Eagles Hall X-Men gave it their all Tuesday night, but the Bristle Bashers were having none of it, firmly winning all but one of the seven sets during the night’s shooting. Leading the wins for the away team, Basher Dustin Fee was unbeatable in his five matches. Terry Strawson and Steve Collins shot matching 140’s to top the scores for the night. Leading the wins for the X-Men, newcomer Darren Wesnoski topped the wins for the night, missing only one chance in five to double out before his opponents. Glen Dilworth was not on his usual form only winning two of his five singles games, however, he did top the scores with a 140.

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 12, Cascadia Bristle Bashers 21


Playing in the cozy Qualicum Beach Legion, the Short Sighted Crew hosted the River Benders to a fun, lively night of darts. Both teams were only five strong, each recruiting a spare to bring the numbers up to code. The wins ping-ponged back and forth, but the 4-1 scores in the first set put the Crew just that bit ahead from the get-go. Leading the wins for the home team, Peter Bisiker was bested only by Bender Rod Swindells, while spare, Sylvia Mantyka, and captain, Ron Stanley, each won four of their six singles games. Ron topped the score with a 138. River Benders captain, Jim Thompson, along with Rod Swindells, won four in six matches and topped the high scores with 100x4 and a 140.

Final score Short Sighted Crew – 18, River Benders – 15


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