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Week 5 Dart Highlights

The Eagles Hall was the scene of lightning strikes October 17th during the match between the home-team Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes and the Toolshed Triples. The doubles matches proceeded normally, then, in the first singles game of the night, Keith Reimer hit a 180. Cheers abounded and pics were taken (thank you Harry!) and Keith went on to win the match. Congrats on the perfect score Keith! The second set began with Harry and Keith throwing, after a 100 score by Keith, he hits a SECOND 180 of the night! Wowzer! More cheers and pics were taken again, and Keith went on to win the match, double congrats Keith!! Bolstered by these amazing demonstrations of skill, Keith proved unbeatable in all six of his matches. Teammate Darren Tabler was on a similar roll until the final match of the night when he was outshot by Harry Vanheerwaarden. Jim Hood had the top score of the night with a 124 and four wins to his credit. Leading the wins for the home team, Arless McNeill doubled out three of his five matches and hit scores of 134, 125 and 100.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 10, Toolshed Triples – 23


Playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Short Sighted Crew invited the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows to thirty-three games of darts. The home team took two of the three doubles, but the away team dominated the singles matches. Arrow’s John Curtis and Poul Reimer were undefeated in their five matches, Poul shot the team high score of 113. Shane has leapt onto the Leader Board with a 94 check-out, and four wins in five. Leading the wins for the Crew, Don Punter and Peter Bisiker each won three of their five matches, Peter had team high score of 132 and checked out a 77.

Final score Short Sighted Crew – 12, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 21


Playing at the Parksville Legion, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters. Anticipating a sizzling night of darts with some of the top players in the league, the crowd was not disappointed. The away team took the lead early and the home team rallied for a couple of sets, but were unable to get ahead of their opponents. Leading the wins for Shooters, Lee Page was unbeatable in his five matches. Larry MacDonald, Captain Lorraine Paquette and George Wallis each brought four wins to the night’s totals. Lee topped the scores with a 140 and finished up the last match of the night with a 72 check-out. Basher Warren Potter was the star of the team, winning three matches in five. Terry Strawson was the most prolific scorer hitting 140, 125, 100x3.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 10, Legion Shooters – 23


Witnessing the 180’s from the other end of Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall X-Men and the River Benders played a spirited match. Both teams were winning equally, then a burst of wins from the Benders put them in the lead. The X-Men rallied for a couple of sets and it wasn’t until the final set that the Benders leapt ahead to win the match. Leading the wins for the Benders, Captain Jim Thompson shot loads of high scores – 140x2, 135, 120 and 100x3 – on his way to winning five of his six matches. Benders Ken and Donna are home from their travels and got their feet wet putting five wins between them on the scoresheet. Ken shot some high scores himself, 132, 123, 101 and 100. Nice darts Ken! Leading the wins for the X-Men, Darren Wesnoski doubled out before his opponents in four of his five matches and had team high score of 125. Captain Todd Burnham and Fraser Vincent pulled three wins each from the away team.

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 15, River Benders – 18


Two days of phone calls back and forth to potential spares did not pan out for Respect-A-Bulls’ Captain Anita Hopps, so the team opted to play with four players only. A no-show by one of the four resulted in a forfeit for the team. Making use of their sudden free time, the Joker’s Wild played doubles against each other and took turns chalking for practice.

This situation could have been avoided if there were available spares to recruit on game night. Please canvas your friends, colleagues and neighbours to see if anyone wants to help out the league. Better yet, find people who want to join a team, I understand Anita’s looking to bolster her roster.

Final score Respect-A-Bulls – 0, Joker's Wild – 33


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