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Week 20 Dart Highlights

Updated: Feb 26

Before I get on with the comings and goings of the dart league this week, I would like to pay tribute to a former league player, Gerry James, who passed away February 13th at the age of 89.  Gerry joined the League, playing for the Allwood Finishers, in 2015. Gerry was a competitive athlete his whole life, and it certainly wasn’t dimmed by his advanced age.  In fact, Gerry brought his years of coaching to the league, offering pointers to team mates and opponents alike.  Practicing what he preached, “always be gracious in defeat”, he didn’t have to follow his own advice very often. Our thoughts go out to Margaret, his bride of 70 years, and we wish you a Bon voyage Gerry, we’ll see you on the other side. 


The Eagles Hall X-Men welcomed their fellow Eagle’s team, the Straight Arrows, to a fun-filled night of shooting darts.  Taking the lead early, the Straight Arrows won two of the three doubles and four of the first five singles matches before the X-Men rallied and mounted a strong counterattack, dominating three sets in a row, before the away team recovered.  In the final set, wins from Ron and Mike threatened to overcome the home team, but the win from X-Men’s Darren Wesnoski sealed the match point for the home team.  Leading the wins for the X-Men, Captain Todd Burnham best four of his five opponents.  Topping the scores for the X-Men, Fraser Vincent hit a 120 on his route to his three wins.  Straight Arrows’ Mike Beno is so far undefeated in the second round of the season, putting him at the top of the standings.  Poul Reimer may have had trouble doubling out on Tuesday, but his scores were outstanding, hitting a 133. 

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 17, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 16


Two of the three Parksville Legion based teams, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers and the Legion River Benders stepped up to the oche on Tuesday night.  Startling the home team (no doubt), the River Benders won two of the three doubles before the home team regrouped to their expected level of play.   Leading the wins for the Bashers, Warren Potter lost only to Bender, Mike Percy, in his six trips to the toe-line.  Team mate Terry Strawson was in fine form, topping the scores with three 140’s and two – yes two – ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY’s.  Dustin Fee also shot a 140 in his final match of the night.  Most wins for the away team was a three-way tie of three wins in five matches for Rod Swindells, Mike Percy and Craig Dempsey.  Captain Jim Thompson may have been challenged to double out in his matches, his scores were magnificent, pinning 100x2, 121, 140 and a perfect score – 180.  Can you imagine watching this match with three perfect scores being shot in one evening.  It must have been like watching the Premier League on a Thursday. 

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 18, Parksville Legion River Benders – 15


Independent teams, the Jokers Wild and the Toolshed Triples met at the Qualicum Legion for thirty-three games of darts.  Despite the efforts of the Jokers Wild, the doubling out was problematic for the team, with the exception of Kevin Gillingham, who bested three of his five opponents.  Jokers Wild’s Shawn Vanier topped the scores with a 100 and added two wins to the night’s total as well.  Toolshed Triples took the lead early in the match and never let it go.  The diminutive dynamo, Denise Tabler, doubled out all five singles, hitting a 70 out on her way to glory, tying for top score with Jim Hood.  Triple Keith Reimer topped the scores for the team with a 136. 

Final score Jokers Wild – 11, Toolshed Triples – 22


Filling up the boards at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the under-manned Legion Short-Sighted Crew hosted the Respect-A-Bulls to 26 games of darts and gave up six points as a forfeit for being short-handed on Tuesday night.  Leading the wins for the Crew, Peter Bisiker proved unbeatable in his six matches and scores of 100x3 and 125.  Spare Ernie Barrow may not have hit the doubles from the week before, but he hit mammoth scores of 171 (adding his name to the Leader Board) and 133 to top the team scores for the night.  The rule of forfeited games is that the team benefits from the forfeit but not the individuals.  Joltin’ Joe Fortune, showed off his Red Dragon prowess, winning four of his five played matches.  Team high score went to Randy Morrow, who pinned a 140 on his way to winning three out of five singles games. Tom Alyley bolted to the top of the Men’s High Outs for the season with his impressive 108 finish.  Nice darts gentlemen!

Final score Legion Short-Sighted Crew – 11, Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls – 22


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