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Week 2 Dart Action:

November 23rd Dart Highlights

It was an evenly matched night for the Qualicum Beach Legion B-Sharps and the Toolshed Triples at the Eagles Hall. It was a final push by the Toolshed Triples that brought the score to a 19 to 14 win for the Triples. Leading the wins for the Triples was a three-way tie between Jim Hood, Denise Tabler and newcomer, Tom Rodgers – each player nabbing four wins in five matches. Not to be shown up by his wife’s excellent scoring, Darrin Tabler was team high score with a 125! Captain of the home team, Colleen McNeil, lead her team with three wins in six and a high score of 118.

Just down the road at the Parksville Legion, the Comfort Group X-Men hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion’s Bulls Hitters to an even closer dart match. Volleying scores of 2-3 and 3-2 for six sets, it was the 2nd win by Rob McCharles and Bernie Brockway in the doubles match that put the Bulls Hitters ahead by one at the end of the night. Leading the wins for the Hitters were Bernie Brockway and Colin Adams, both doubling out five of their six games. High scorer for the Hitters was Rob McCharles with a 102. Comfort Group X-Men proved you don’t have to be male to be an X-Man. Recruiting Ruth Kovacs as a spare this season, she rounded out the roster for the night. X-Man Rob Sparrow dropped darts into the doubles in all five of his matches, as well as a high score of 140 – a score also shot by Ruth in her final game of the night. Final score 17 to 16 for the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters.

Hosting the Parksville Legion Shooters at the Eagles Hall, the Straight Arrows could not exert their home team advantage, overwhelmed by the Shooters 24 wins at the end of the night. Leading the wins for the Shooters was Larry MacDonald with five wins in six, while the rest of the team scored four wins in each of their six matches. Larry also clocked scores of 140, 121 and 100x2. Showing her chops, Lorraine Hopps scored a 140 and a 100. Ever cheerful Straight Arrow, John Curtis, lead the team in wins and high scores – taking three wins from the Shooters and a high score of 73.

Cascadia Bristle Bashers were home to the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes at the Parksville Legion. Other than an unfortunate white-washing in the second set of singles, the Eagle Eyes put up quite a fight against the Bashers, but the Bashers ultimately took the night with a 21-12 win. Leading the wins for the Bristle Bashers, Warren Potter couldn’t be beat with five wins in five games. Dustin Fee topped the high scores for the team with a 140 and a 100. Eagle Eye’s Tedd Ducker lead the team wins with four victories over his former team mates, employing scores of 120, 121, 100 and a Leader Board #1 High Check-Out of 101! Way to go Tedd! A noteworthy win by Eagle Eye Sue Barry over the League’s #1 player, Steve Collins, proves that the practice she obtained at the Eagles Hall Friday night drop-in darts pays off. Way to go Sue!!

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