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Week 19 Dart Action

Now that the first round is over, the league has split into two divisions – the top five teams in Division A and the remaining five teams in Division B. This is a single match against the four other teams in the group, so there is no opportunity to play better against them than right now! Exciting times!

Division A results:

The Eagles Hall X-Men hosted the Cascadia Bristle Bashers at the Eagles Hall to a bulldozer of a match.  The home team started off well enough, taking two of the three doubles, but couldn’t maintain that advantage once the singles games commenced.  The opposing team bested the Men in all six sets of singles, including two white-wash sets.  Leading the wins for the X-Men, Pony Moore and Fraser Vincent plucked two wins away from the domineering Bashers.  Pony topped the team scores with a 132 and 100x3.  Leading the wins for the Bristle Bashers, Warren Potter and Terry Strawson were undefeated in their six singles games, with Terry hitting some impressive scores in the process.  Both Terry and Dustin Fee topped the scores with a 140, while Terry backed them up with scores of 125x3 and 100x4.  Basher Steve Collins pinned a perfect score in his opening doubles match, becoming the eighth player to join the ranks of Perfect Scores. 

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 7, Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 26


Meeting at the Parksville Legion, the Legion River Benders welcome the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters to thirty-three games of darts.  The home team held their own for the doubles and the first two singles sets, but faltered through three sets in a row, allowing the Shooters to gain a huge lead on them in the final set.  Bender Rod Swindells topped the wins with four wins in five singles games, with solid support from Captain Jim Thompson’s four wins.  Jim pinned the team high score of 139.  Leading the wins for the Shooters, Rocky Paquette was unstoppable in five singles, hitting scores of 100x3.  Lee Page lost only one of his five games, and was joined by Larry MacDonald in hitting the team high score of 140. 

Final score PV Legion River Benders – 11, QB Legion Shooters – 22


The Eagles Hall Straight Arrows of Division A and the Jokers Wild of Division B both had a bye this week.


Division B results:

The Eagles Hall was the setting for the match between the Toolshed Triples and the Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls on Tuesday night.  The away team surged ahead early in the match, winning all three doubles and the first three singles sets.  The Triples rallied for two sets but ran out of doubles in the final set.  Leading the wins for the Toolshed Triples, Captain Leslie Rodgers bested four of five of her opponents.  Triple Jim Hood topped the team scores with a 120, 117 and 100.  The away team had a full roster this week, proving their strength as a cohesive team.  Jolting Joe Fortune brandished his new darts and amassed five wins in six matches.  He bettered his Leader Board high score of 156, with the landing of a 174 and pinned a 92 check out. 

Final score Toolshed Triples – 13, Respect-A-Bulls – 20


With a diminished squad the Short-Sighted Crew pulled Ernie Berrow out of retirement for their match against the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes.  It was a three-way tie for most wins between Don Punter, Peter Bisiker and Ernie Berrow.  Spare Harry Ross pinned a 174 in his match again Harry Vanheerwaarden, but was unable to double out before the undefeated Eagle Eye player.  Harry Vanheerwaarden showed no mercy for his opponents, winning all of his singles matches while only hitting one 100 score all night.  Proof again that it’s not what you throw in the middle, but what you throw at the end that counts.  Arless McNeill and Alan Barry supplied three wins each to the team totals, with Arless topping the scores with a 130 and 125.  The match was tied 16-16 as Don Punter and Sue Barry stepped up to the oche for the final match of the night.  Heavy hitting Don bested his opponent to win the deciding match of the night. Nail biting finish for sure!

Final score QB Legion Short-Sighted Crew – 17, Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 16


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