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Week 17 Dart Action

Gathering at the Qualicum Beach Legion the Legion Short-Sighted Crew hosted the Jokers Wild to a fun night of darts.  Taking the lead early, the home team was finally slowed down by Jokers Wild’s Richard Rempel.  Dominating every set but one, the Crew made short work of their opponents.  Topping the wins for the Crew, Jo Metz was nearly undefeated in six matches, losing only to Shawn Vanier.  High scores abounded and Peter Bisiker topped the team with a 140, 125 and 116.  Leading the wins for the Jokers Wild, Richard Rempel bested four of his five opponents and received support from Dave Edwards, who doubled out three of his five games.  Kevin Gillespie boasted top scores of 111 and 100.

Final score Short-Sighted Crew – 20, Jokers Wild – 13


Over at the Parksville Legion, the Legion Respect-A-Bulls welcomed the Eagles Hall X-Men to thirty-three games of 501.  The home team rustled up two spares to play the game, thank you Harry Ross and Rodney Arnold for stepping in while the holidaying teammates were unavailable.  Leading the wins for the home team, Randy Morrow doubled out 50% of his six singles games.  Harry was rewarded for sparing with team high score of 122.  The boisterous X-Men started strong and kept flexing their doubling-out muscles right through the doubles and six singles sets.  Leading the wins for the X-Men, veteran Fraser Vincent, and newbie, Opie Wesnoski, were undefeated in five singles matches.  Glen Dilworth was pinning the points with scores of 140 x 2, 116 and 100 on his way to winning three of his five matches.  Captain Todd Burnham landed his name on the Leader Board when he landed a 94 check-out.

Final score Respect-A-Bulls – 11, Eagles Hall X-Men – 22


Hosting the Parksville Legion River Benders, the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows welcomed them to the Eagles Hall on Tuesday night for a competitive evening of darts.  Ping-ponging winning sets, both teams gave their all to becoming victorious.  The match was all tied up at the half-way point, when the Benders gave a big push and pulled ahead by three points, a lead they maintained through to the final game.  Leading the wins for the home team, Arrows Shane Ovington, Mike Beno and John Curtis doubled out three of each of their five matches.   Topping the scores for the Straight Arrows, Poul Reimer was not resting on the laurels of his previous weeks’ 180 score and hit a 123 and 100.  Leading the wins for the Benders, Captain Jim Thompson was undefeated in five singles, through prolific scores of 100 – five in all. Bender Ken Ermantrout topped the high-scores with a 140.

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 15, Parksville Legion River Benders – 18


Jan 30 Arless vs George

Filling up the rest of the boards at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes battled against the top team of the league, the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters.  Despite playing well, the home team struggled with their doubles, allowing the Shooters to steam roll them to the finish.  Nearing the end of the night, Arless McNeill and George Wallis played a brilliant match (look at those scores!) with Arless hitting his second perfect score of the season, and George following that with a 121 answer.  Nice darts!  Arless pulled two wins away from their opponents with scores of 140 and 135, as well as a 180.  Harry Vanheerwaarden hit a 132, to pull far enough ahead of his rival, and double out first.  Shooters Rocky Paquette, Lee Page and Larry MacDonald were unstoppable in five singles matches.  Captain Lorraine Paquette pinned the high score of 140, 120 and 100. 

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 3, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 30


Playing at their home venue, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers met with the Toolshed Triples for a romp at the oche.  Taking all three doubles matches and all but one singles set, the Bashers did not give the Triples a break throughout the night.  Basher Steve Collins topped the wins with six in six, followed by Terry Strawson with five. The two Brits also both shot a 140 to get high-score for the night.  Leading the wins for the away team, Triple Jim Hood pulled in four wins in his five singles.  High scores all around for the Tablers – Darren (135) and Denise (134) – showed why they are a dynamic duo at darts!

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 23, Toolshed Triples – 10


As we wind down the first round of the regular season, please stay tuned for the Round 2 Schedule to be posted on the website.  Hard copies of the schedule (one per team) will be at the venues asap.  Round 2 is a five-week schedule, followed by five weeks of tournaments, with the final hurrah – the banquet – to follow in early May.  Please remember to hand in your scoresheets on time, determining the season winners depend upon it.

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