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Week 16 Dart Highlights

Getting together at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the River Benders. Both teams were short players, but the home team Triples secured the league spare, Harry Ross, to bring their roster up to five. The River Benders solved their problem by added a new member to the team, welcome Brad Uytterhagen!  Leading the wins for the Triples, Jim Hood, pulled in four wins in six games.  Topping the Triples scores, Tom Rodgers hit a 109.  The River Benders’ captain, Jim Thompson, and Rod Swindells, were both unbeatable on Tuesday night.  Newbie Brad hit a 140 and 121, and Rod also hit a 140 and 116, to share the top scores for the team. 

Final score Toolshed Triples – 9, River Benders – 24


The Cascadia Bristle Bashers welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew to the Parksville Legion on Tuesday night.  As the only two teams at the venue, this meant no other teams were witness to the carnage.  The home team had all but two wins by the mid-point of the match, when the Crew rallied and took three wins in the fourth singles set. Way to go Crew!  Leading the wins for the Bashers, Steve Collins was undefeated in his five games, and shared top score of 140 with Basher Terry Strawson, who also shot 135 and 100 times five.  Leading the wins for the Crew, Peter Bisiker plucked three wins from the opponents, as well as topped the scores with a 125, 118 and 101.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 26, Short-Sighted Crew – 7


Occupying the other half of the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows played home to the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes away.  The Arrows took the lead early and the Eagle Eyes couldn’t muster up a comeback.  Leading the wins for the Arrows was a three-way tie with four wins in five matches for John Curtis, Mike Beno and Poul Reimer.  Mike Beno topped the team scores with a 133, and Poul brought the hall to a standstill when he hit his first 180 of the season. Thanks to Harry Vanheerwaarden for hollering for a photo so it could be shared on the website.  The Mighty McNeill’s, Colleen and Arless, led the wins for the Eagle Eyes, with three wins in five matches.  Freshly tanned and ready to play, Alan Barry, hit a whopping 171 to put him on the Leader Board.  Nice darts Alan! 

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 21, Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 12


With only one spare, player shortages still plague the teams, the latest hitting the Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls.  As we near the end of Round One, time is short to play make up games prior to the league split into Division A and Division B teams.


Playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Jokers Wild hosted five of the six Eagles Hall X-Men to a rousing night of darts, because you know, the X-Men are fun!  Leading the wins for the J. Wilds, Richard Rempel never fails to disappoint, and missed only one double-out in six matches.  He also topped the scores with a 140, 135 and 121.  Leading the wins for the X-Men was a three-way tie between Pony Moore, Glen Dilworth and Darren “Opie” Wesnoski, the latter topping the team score with two 140’s and a 120.  Nice guy, nice darts! 

Final score Jokers Wild – 11, Eagles Hall X-Men – 22



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