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Week 14 Snow Day - Feb 14th

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Making up the week 14 Snow Day, most of the league met on February 14 for the final night of the Round One scheduled matches.

Playing at the Eagles Hall on Wednesday night instead, the Toolshed Triples and the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes had just enough players to fill their rosters, with couples on both teams unavailable to play. After a dismal showing in the doubles, the away Eagle Eyes pulled up their flights and dominated from the first singles set through to the last. Winning all six of their singles, Tedd & Richard redeemed themselves after their shocking doubles defeat at the hands of Triples Darren & Denise Tabler. Eagle Eye Harry Vanheerwaarden won five of his six matches, with a high checkout of 86 and team high score of 138. Leading the wins for the Triples, Jim Hood was el fuego on the doubles, winning four of his six singles matches and hitting a team high score of 160, along with 140 and 100x2. Final score Toolshed Triples 10 – Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 23


Congregating at the Eagles Hall on Tuesday, the Straight Arrows welcomed the dwindling Short Sighted Crew to thirty-three games of darts. Starting off strong in the doubles, the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows took the lead but failed to hang on to it in the singles sets. With the help of two spares, the Short Sighted Crew won most of the singles sets, to bring the match to a tie-breaker in the final game of the night between Pat Spinks and Don Punter. Crew member Don pulled a double out before Pat, winning the night for his team. Spare Lee Page was unbeatable in all six of his matches and Crew Peter Bisiker took the team high score with a 140x2, 119, 112 and 100. Leading the wins for the home team Arrows, Mike Beno defeated four of his five opponents and Ron Keast hit a 156 to land him in the middle of the Men’s High Scores on the leader board.

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows 16 – Short Sighted Crew 17


Gathering at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the San Group Wood Chuckers hosted the league’s top team to a fun, fast-paced night of darts. Winning all but one set out of seven, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers flexed their prowess against the home team. Leading the wins for the Basher’s, Terry Strawson and Steve Collins once again tied for wins – both taking four of their five matches. Terry topped the scores for the team with 134, 125, 120 and 100x7…yes, 7. Terry’s wins toppled Chucker Jim Thompson from the men’s top spot, a perch Jim has been firmly on since Week One. Leading the wins for the Chuckers was a three-way tie between Captain Angie Kienas, Anita Hopps and Jim Thompson each won three of their six singles games. 140’s abounded for the Chuckers, with Angie, Jim and Barb Marsh all pinning one early in the match.

Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 12 – Cascadia Bristle Bashers 21


Playing at the Parksville Legion, the B-Sharps hosted the always entertaining Eagles Hall X-Men to a closely score night of darts. Taking the lead from the doubles onward, the B-Sharps dominated the match for the first half, only to have the X-Men find their footing and nearly take over during the second half. Leading the wins for the B-Sharps, Arless McNeill was on point in all five of his singles matches, with solid support from Stan Foster who contributed four wins to the total score. Captain Colleen McNeill topped the scores with a 126 in her first singles game of the night. Leading the wins for the X-Men was another three-way tie between Glenn Dilworth, Captain Todd Burnham and Fraser Vincent, each taking three wins in five matches. Team high score of 126 was shot by Fraser, along with scores of 125 and 105.

Final score Legion B-Sharps 17 – Eagles Hall X-Men 16


Also playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Legion Bulls Hitters hosted the Parksville Legion Shooters. The league No. 2 team took the lead early, beginning with a whitewash of the Hitters in the first singles set, and the Hitters were unable to find their groove against their opponents. Leading the wins for the Shooters, Larry MacDonald wound up undefeated in his six matches, followed by five wins from Rocky Paquette. Team high score of 140 was shot not only by Larry, but by Thom Ford as well. Leading the wins for the home team, Ryan Fortune and Bernie Brockway pulled three wins each from the dominating Shooters. Bernie MUST have eaten his Wheaties Tuesday, he shot scores of 140x3, 100x2, 119 and a perfect 180!! Congratulations Bernie! Nice darts!

Final score Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters 10 – Parksville Legion Shooters 23


And so ends the first round of league play, as we split into two divisions next week (February 21). The Short Sighted Crew has pulled out of the second round due to lack of players, resulting in five teams in the A-Division and four teams in the B-Division. Points go back to zero for all teams, with B-Division finishing two weeks ahead of the A-Division.

Team round robin is scheduled for March 21st, followed by the tournaments. The first tournament of the season is the Mixed Doubles, played at the Parksville Legion on April 4th. Mixed gender teams must PRE-REGISTER by March 28th, to compete in the blind draw tournament. NB: Registered teams do not have to be from the same league team, if you are searching for a partner, reach out to the Executive for a potential match.


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