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Week 14 Highlights

Meeting at Qualicum Beach Legion, home team Short Sighted Crew hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion B-Sharps for seven sets of darts. Taking the lead in the doubles set, the Crew didn’t let up on the B-Sharps until the last set, when the Sharps took three of the five games. Leading the wins for the Crew, the unbeatable Lee Page won all six of his single games with scores like 140 and six 100’s. Ernie Berrow also shot a 140 to join Lee as team high scorer. Don Punter and Peter Bisiker each won five games and Peter topped out with scores of 134, 125x2 and 100. The men of the B-Sharps lead the wins – each taking two games away from the Short Sighted Crew. Arless McNeill shot a 135 for the team high score of the night. Final score Short Sighted Crew 25 – B-Sharps 8.


Gathering at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters to a fun night of darts. Fortified with two spares, the Bulls Hitters took charge of the match and kept it up. Sharing the top spot with four apiece, Barb Marsh, Ray Jones and (spare) Ron Hession, lead the team wins. Alan Farmer shot a 140 to earn the team high score. Leading the wins for the six-member strong Toolshed Triples, diminutive Denise Tabler won four of her five singles, while her husband Darin Tabler earned team high score by throwing a 131. Final score for the Bulls Hitters 23 – Toolshed Triples 10.


The match between the Comfort Group X-Men and the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes was obviously intense because the score sheet wasn’t tallied and the final score miscalculated. It was tit-for-tat, or double for double between the two teams at the Parksville Legion. Great scores on both sides, resulted in a one point lead at the end of the night. Leading the high scores, Eagle Eye Harry Vanheerwaarden shot his second 174 – keeping him solidly at the top of the League Leader Board. Leading the wins for the away team, Captain Mike McNulty only lost one of his singles matches. It was the home team X-Men that pulled ahead by one point at the end of the night. Leading the wins for the X-Men, Glenn Dilworth and Steve Stewart both took four of their six matches, and Rob Sparrow topped the scores with a 125. Final score Comfort Group X-Men 17 – Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 16.


The top two teams in the league – Cascadia Bristle Bashers and Legion Shooters - met for their final match of the season at the Parksville Legion. The away team, Parksville Legion Shooters, took the lead at the start of the night and kept it, but a final push by the Cascadia Bristle Bashers brought the final scores a little closer together. Closer, but not enough to overtake the League #1’s. Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers 15 to Legion Shooters 18. Shooter Larry MacDonald demonstrated why he is in the Men’s top spot by winning five of his six matches and hitting scores of 121 and 100x2. Leading the high scores, Captain Lloyd Ausland, along with team mate Rocky Paquette, each hit a 138. Cascadia Bristle Bashers’ Steve Collins and Warren Potter topped the wins for the team, both doubling out four of their six matches. Steve topped the high score with a 133.


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