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Week 14 Dart Highlights

It was a quiet week at the local venues with two matches being postponed due to player illness.

Three of the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes were out with a flu, postponing their match against the Toolshed Triples.  Hopefully, the Eagles Eyes recover and can get back to the oche before the Christmas break is over. 


Playing at the Eagles Hall, the Straight Arrows hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew to thirty-three turns at the toe-line.  The match was evenly won, until a whitewash by the Straight Arrows in the third singles set.  A final push by the Short-Sighted Crew ended in a tie-match until the final match of the night, when Arrow Poul Reimer bested Crew Kevin Martin.  Leading the wins was a five-way tie between Shane Ovington, John Curtis, Mike Beno, Ron Keast and Poul Reimer, all winning three wins each in five singles matches. Topping the wins for the Straight Arrows, John Curtis hit a 140 in his final game of the night.  Leading the wins for the Crew, Peter Bisiker hit 121 twice in his quest to be undefeated in all five matched.

Final score Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 17, Short-Sighted Crew – 16


Gathering at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the top two teams in the league went toe to oche for a fast-paced night of dart throwing.  The match wins were slowly building into the Cascadia Bristle Bashers favour, but a final blast by the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters in the last set put the top team wins ahead of the Bashers.  Leading the wins for the Shooter, Lee Page was undefeated in his five matches, and Larry MacDonald supporting with four wins in five games.  Rocky Paquette and George Wallis both topped the team score with a 140.  Basher Warren Potter topped the wins for the Bristle Bashers, doubling out four of his five singles games.  Topping the scores for the team, Don Enockson hit a 137, as well as a 99 out. 

Final score Legion Shooters – 18, Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 15


The Parksville Legion was empty Tuesday night due to the Eagles Hall X-Men cancelling their match with the Parksville Legion River Benders.  Hopefully, the Men are feeling better and the game can be rescheduled soon.


Filling up the rest of the boards at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Jokers Wild hosted the Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls to their first ever match after the unfortunate forfeit during the first scheduled match back in October.  Leading the wins for the home team, Richard Rempel and Dave Edwards each won four of their five singles. Dave hit the team high scores of 140, 123 and 120.  Richard hit loads of high scores as well – 136, 125, 123x2, and 100x3.  Leading the wins for the Respect-A-Bulls, Tom Ayley was undefeated in five of his six games, losing only to Dave.  Topping the scores for the Respect-A-Bulls, Randy Morrow hit a 146 and a 133 in the same match, as well as a high out of 83, putting him on the Leader Board.

Final score Jokers Wild – 13, Respect-A-Bulls – 20


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