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Week 13 Dart Action

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

With only two teams kicking up the chalk dust at the Qualicum Beach Legion, there was room to spread out across the five boards. Hosting for the night, the Short-Sighted Crew met with the Toolshed Triples Tuesday night for thirty-three thrilling games of darts.  It was a tie game at the start of the final set of singles, a win from Jim Hood put the Triples in the lead.  The final two games went to the Crew’s Peter Bisiker and Captain Ron Stanley, who brought five wins each to the team totals.  Peter also topped the scores for the team with a 135.  The ladies were leading it for the Toolshed Triples Tuesday; Denise Tabler lost only to Peter Bisiker and shared the team high score of 140 with Captain Leslie Rodgers. 

Final score Short-Sighted Crew – 17, Toolshed Triples – 16


Getting together at the Parksville Legion, the Parksville Legion River Benders got, in the words of the team captain, “killed” by the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters.  Struggling against very strong opposition, the home team pulled five wins – Jim Thompson (2), Rod Swindells (2) and Craig Dempsey (1).  Jim had team high scores of 135, 125, 100x4.  Leading the wins for the Shooters, Lee Page and Rocky Paquette were unbeatable in their five matches.  You know the shooting was hot when a 140 doesn’t get  team high score because there were 26 scores of 100 or over thrown by the Shooters – a real humdinger from Thom Ford (153) and a perfect score by Lee Page (number two for him this season).  

Final score PV Legion River Benders – 5, QB Legion Shooters – 28


Two of the Eagles teams met at the oche next to the bartender for thirty-three games of arrows.  The Eagles Hall X-Men tipped the wins in their favour from the first singles set and a whitewash in the final set.  Leading the wins for the Men, Glenn Dilworth lost only to Arrow Ron Keast and hit a perfect score in his match against Mike Beno (pic of beaming Glenn on website).  Team high score of 136 was shot by Captain Todd Burnham and Rob Sparrow had a high out of 104, putting him on the top of Leader Board – nice darts guys!  Leading the wins for the Straight Arrows, John Curtis was the team darling with three out of five wins and team high score of 140. 

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 20, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 13


Player injury threw a spin into the scorekeeping of the match between the Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls and the Cascadia Bristle Bashers when the Respect-A-Bulls lost a player part-way through the night.  Regrouping after the departure of their team mate, the Respect-A-Bulls did there best to outscore the Bashers.  Leading the wins for the home team, Captain Anita Hopps won four of her five matches and hit a 73 out in her match against Steve Collins. Joltin’ Joe Fortune pinned a 156 to land himself in the middle of the pack of Men’s High Scores for the season.  Leading the wins for the Bashers, Terry Strawson won all his matches and hit a couple of 140’s for the team high score. 

Final score Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls - 9, Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 24


Filling up the boards at the other end of the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes hosted the Jokers Wild to a fun-filled night of darts.  The Eagle Eyes took the lead early, winning two of the three doubles matches and all but one set of the singles sets.  Eagle Eye Toni Crompton bested four of her five opponents, including Richard Rempel, and hit a high score of 124.  Arless hit team high score of 140 and won three of his five matches.  Leading the wins for the Jokers Wild, Dave Edwards was making up for missing the week before by winning four of his five matches.  Topping the team scores, Shawn Vanier hit a 143 in his match against Colleen McNeill.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 19, Jokers Wild – 14


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