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Week 13 Dart Action

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Facing a forfeit, the Qualicum Legion B-Sharps enlisted the help from former team mate, Jason Samms, to tackle the Cascadia Bristle Bashers at the Qualicum Beach Legion. Despite Jason’s best efforts, the B-Sharps were unable to defeat the league second place team. Leading the wins for the Bristle Bashers, Steve Collins was unbeatable all night. Bolstering the team wins, along with team high score if 133 and a 96 check out, Warren Potter doubled out in all but one match. Jason Samms lead the wins for the B-Sharps, besting all his opponents except Steve Collins, and hitting team high score of 134, not once - but twice, as well as scores of 125 and 119. Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers 24 – B-Sharps 9.


Playing at the Eagles Hall, the home team Toolshed Triples hosted the Short Sighted Crew to 33 games of darts. Racing away with the match from the doubles onward, the Short Sighted Crew didn’t let up until it was all over. Leading the wins for the away team, Short Sighted Crew’s Lee Page and Don Punter were unstoppable at the oche – both winning all six of their matches. Team high score was a whopping 140 – achieved by no less than three of the Crew – Lee Page, Peter Bisiker and Ernie Berrow all chalked one up on the board in the fifth set of singles. Leading the wins for the for the Toolshed Triples, newcomer Leslie Rodgers and Darin Tabler each took a couple wins from the Crew. Leslie also hit two 133’s and a 114. Nice darts! Final score Short Sighted Crew 26 – Toolshed Triples 6.


Also playing at the Eagles Hall, the Straight Arrows hosted the Comfort Group X-Men to a fun night of darts. Five-men strong, the X-Men started off winning all three doubles matches and stayed solid throughout the remaining matches, never letting the Arrows get ahead of them. Leading the wins, as well as the team, Captain X-Man Pony Moore was unrelenting on the doubles and took away six wins in six matches. Team high scorer, Glenn Dilworth, hit scores of 121 and 100, as well as won four of his six matches. Topping the wins for the home team, Mike Beno doubled out four of his six matches and hit high score of 140, supported by Ron Keast’s three wins and a high score of 115, giving the team 11 wins by the end of the night.


Also taking 22 wins for the night, the Legion Shooters were at Parksville Legion with the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes for 33 games of darts. Leading the wins, League #1 player – Larry MacDonald – could not be bested in wins, or scores. Taking out all five matches, Larry also shot a 152, 125 and six 100’s, and checked out with an 85. What a machine! Shooters Lloyd Ausland, Lorraine Hopps and Thom Ford were pretty outstanding as well – each winning four of their five matches. Leading the defence against the home team, Eagle Eye Alan Barry pulled three wins away from the league top team. Supported by team mates Sue Barry (hs 131) and Mike McNulty (hs 130) each recorded two wins. Rhonda Hiscutt was hitting the big numbers for the team – 139 and 125.

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