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Week 12 - April 5th Dart Highlights

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Playing out of the old homestead, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes met with the Qualicum Legion B-Sharps to a closely matched night of darts. Starting out strong in the doubles, the Eagles stumbled in the third set and didn’t overtake the lead for the rest of the night. Eagle Eye Tedd Ducker did his best, doubling out in five for five, followed closely by Captain Mike McNulty with four of five games in his favour. Mike was also the team high scorer, hitting a 140 in his final game of the night. B-Sharps’ Arless McNeil and Betty Ann Moffat were the top scorers for their team, both wining four of six of their matches. Dan Moffat shot a 130 and a 108 to achieve the teams’ high score for the evening. Final score of the night: Eagle Eyes 16 - B-Sharps 17.


Playing in the Qualicum Legion, the resident Bulls Hitters hosted the top team in the league, the Legion Shooters, to 33 games of darts. Despite their best efforts, the home team couldn’t get ahead of the away team. Leading the wins for the Shooters, Thom Ford and Larry MacDonald won all five of their matches and each hit a 140 – team high score of the night. Lorraine Hopps shored up the wins for the Shooters with four of five games to her credit and had a high score of 120. Leading the wins for Bulls Hitters, Alan Farmer won three of his five matches and Angie Kienas shot a 122 for team high score. Final score Shooters 25 – Hitters 8


Rounding out the venues, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers played at their home venue against the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows. Fairly evenly matched for the first four sets, the Bristle Bashers leapt ahead of the Straight Arrows in the fifth set, retaining the 5-point lead through to the final game – final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers 19 – Straight Arrows 14. Leading the wins for the Bashers, Steve Collins won four of his five games with backup from Don Enockson, Darrell Jobb and Warren Potter, each winning three apiece. High score – 133 – went to Don Enockson. Playing well for the Straight Arrows, Mike Beno lead the team wins with five in six games, and hit high scores of 140, 125 and 100. Ron Keast and John Curtis took three wins each from the Bashers.


The Short Sighted Crew and the Comfort Group X-Men postponed their match for a later date – stay tuned for the results.

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