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Round 2 Week 5 Dart Action

The final week of regular season play has happened, now we have five weeks of tournaments before the AGM on May 2nd and the banquet on May 6th. Mark your calendars!

Welcoming the San Group Wood Chuckers to the Eagles, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes picked up all three sets of doubles, but stumbled for the first two singles sets, before finding their footing for the rest of the match. Leading the wins for the Eagle Eyes, Harry Vanheerwaarden and Richard Rempel both doubled out five of their six singles. Harry had a very satisfying win against league No. 1 player Jim Thompson. Topping the scores, Richard hit a high of 115 and a 101. Chucker Jim Thompson was unbeaten, except for his loss against Harry, taking four wins in five matches. Captain Angie Kienas hit the team high score of 130.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 21 – San Group Wood Chuckers 12.


The much anticipated match between the top two teams in the A-Division took place at the Parksville Legion. The Cascadia Bristle Bashers were home to the Parksville Legion Shooters away. The doubles were a clean sweep by the Shooters. The first set went to the Bashers, but it was Shooters all the way through to the end of the night after that. Spare Lee Page was unbeatable, taking five wins away from the home team. Lee also had several high scores – 140x2, 125, 123, 100x2. Lee checked out a 120 and a 124 and hit a perfect score – nice darts Lee! Leading the wins for the Bashers, Terry Strawson lost only to Lee and topped the scores with two 140’s.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers 10 – Parksville Legion Shooters 23


Mixed Doubles pre-registration ends March 28th. Please submit your names by Tuesday night, match is on April 4th and is a blind draw. Come out to win the Whale Trophy!!


Tuesday night is the Division Round Robin Tournament. It plays a little differently than a regular night of darts, be sure to be at the venue early (by 6:45) as play begins at 7pm sharp!


A) Each team will nominate 4 players for each of the Round Robin games on a rotational basis from their team rosters. Rotation must be submitted before play starts.

B) The competition shall be completed in one evening at a designated location for each division. Each team must have a minimum of 5 players participating and rotating every game.

C) An appropriate Round Robin sheet will be completed by a random draw of team names.

D) Each match will consist of 3 games with one point being awarded for each game won. All three games will be played. Scoring shall be straight start, 701, double out finish.

E) High scores, check-outs and 180's shall be recorded, with separate awards from league play for men and women.

G) Ties will be broken with a playoff game. Teams will play the best two out of three to decide position. The original rotation basis will be honoured.

H) There will be a “Supervisor” (non-player where possible) at each tournament to facilitate the evening.

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