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Round 2 Week 4 Dart Highlights

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Playing at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the San Group Wood Chuckers hosted the Cascadia Bristle Bashers to a rousing night of darts. Getting off to a good start, the Bashers took the first set and then stumbled a bit through the rest of the sets. By the end of the seventh set, the two teams were tied and it was the win by Warren that put the Bashers one point ahead at the end of the night. Leading the wins for the Bashers, Terry Strawson took four wins out of five matches, as well as hitting high scores of 135, 125 and 100x7. Leading the wins for the Chuckers, Jim Thompson was undefeated in all six matches with scores of 125 and 100x6. Topping the team high score, Anita Hopps hit a 138, 121 and 100x2.

Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 16 – Cascadia Bristle Bashers 17.


Gathering at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters to thirty-three games of darts. After the ass-kicking the home team experienced the week before, the dart gods showed their mercy and the Eagle Eyes were back to regular form. Taking the lead early, the home team dominated most sets, finishing with a 5-0 final set. Leading the wins, Captain Jolene Swanson miraculously won all six of her singles matches, supported by five out of six wins from Richard Rempel. Harry Vanheerwaarden topped the team high scores, hitting a 134 in his winning match against Hitter Ray Jones. Leading the wins for the Bulls Hitters, Joe Fortune doubled out three of his singles games. Joe also topped the high scores with THREE 140’s, as well as a 125, 120, 100.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 21 – Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters 12.


Sad news for the League, the Parksville Legion B-Sharps team has folded before the final match of the B-Division could be played. According to Item 7. of the League Structure:

If a team disbands mid-season, points for all games by that team shall be voided. Personal stats shall be kept if the player continues in the league. So, accordingly the stats for the B-Division will be adjusted to reflect the early departure of the B-Sharps. Stay tuned!


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