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Round 2 Week 3 Dart Action

Congregating at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the San Group Wood Chuckers hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters to thirty-three games of darts. Taking the lead early, the Bulls Hitters dominated in all but two sets out of seven. Leading the wins for the Hitters was a tie between Bernie Brockway and Ryan Fortune – both doubled out four of their five singles matches. Captain Peter Spinks threw a 125 to garner the team high score of the night. Back at the oche this week, Chucker Jim Thompson led the wins for his team – four wins in five matches – and pinned his fourth perfect score of the season in his match against Alan Farmer. Topping the scores for the Chuckers, Kelly Kovacs shot a 160.

Final score San Group Wood Chuckers 13 – Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters 20


The Parksville Legion was the scene of the massacre by the Legion Shooters of the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes. Despite all games being well played, the doubles eluded the Eagle Eyes in all but six matches. Leading the wins for the Shooters, Larry MacDonald and Thom Ford doubled out all six of their singles matches. Thom took the high score of the night, a 140. Leading the wins for the away team, Richard Rempel plucked two wins away from his opponents and topped the team high score of 134.

Final score Parksville Legion Shooters 27 – Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes 6


Playing at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall X-Men hosted the Toolshed Triples to a fun-filled night of darts. Starting off well enough, the X-Men and the Triples were neck and neck until the third set, when the X-Men won four to one in the last four sets of the match. Four of the X-Men doubled out four of their matches – Captain Todd Burnham, Glenn Dilworth, Fraser Vincent and Ruth Kovacs. Steve Stewart and Pony Moore both topped the team scores with a 114 each. Leading the wins for the Toolshed Triples, Jim Hood took four wins away from the X-Men in six matches. Darting Dynamo Denise Tabler topped the Triples high scores with a whopping 124!

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men 23 – Toolshed Triples 10


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