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March 1st Dart Action

After another long break, venues opened up to the public again and dart players were eager to get back to the oche.

Playing at the Qualicum Legion, the B-Sharps met with the Bulls Hitters for 33 games of darts. Getting off to a great start, the B-Sharps won all three doubles matches and won two matches in each of the first five sets before running out of steam in the sixth. High scorer for the B-Sharps was Captain Colleen McNeill with a 132. Arless McNeill won five of his six matches and had a high score of 130. Despite a slow start, the Bulls Hitters inched out the B-Sharps by one point in each of the first five sets and dealt the final blow, winning 4 of 5 matches in the sixth set. Colin Adams lead the team wins – four wins in five matches – and the high score of 112 was shared by Captain Peter Spinks and Ray Jones. Final score – Bulls Hitters 19, B-Sharps 14.


Due to a power failure at the Eagles Hall, four teams were unable to play and postponed their games.

Toolshed Triples vs Eagle Eyes and Straight Arrows vs Short Sighted Crew will be updated shortly.


Playing at the Parksville Legion, the Comfort Group X-Men hosted the Legion Shooters to a fun night of darts. Taking the lead early on, the away team whitewashed the X-Men in the first two sets, as well as winning two of the three doubles matches. Pulling themselves together, the X-Men rallied in the third and fourth sets, but were once again outplayed by the Shooters in the fifth and sixth sets. Final score Legion Shooters 26 – Comfort Group X-Men 7. Top wins for the Shooters was a three way tie between Lorraine Hopps, Larry MacDonald and Thom Ford, all winning five out of their five matches. High score goes to Captain Lloyd Ausland, who scored a 140. Coming back to the darts after a long absence, Glenn Dilworth lead the X-Men in wins – two out of five matches. High scorer was Captain Pony Moore with a 105.

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