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First Match of the New Season

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Week 1 highlights:

After an EXCEPTIONALLY long break, District 69 Darts restarted Tuesday night with COVID protocols in place to ensure the safety of the players as well as the venue staff and patrons. Welcome back to the returning members of the league and a HUGE welcome to the newcomers, Darrell Jobb and Mike Beno!

Implementing the new registration time of 7pm, eight of the nine 2021-2022 season teams dusted off their flights and got down to play by 7:15pm at the Parksville Legion and the Eagles Hall.

Playing at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Comfort Group X-Men to a fun night of darts. Asserting their dominance early, the X-Men won all three doubles matches, and moved on to the singles with the same determination. Leading the X-Men in wins, Captain Pony Moore couldn’t be beat, winning 100% of his singles games. High scorer for the X-Men was Todd Burnham with a 133 in the final set of the night. Although the Triples had some excellent high scores – Jim Hood topped it out at 140, Darin Tabler clocked in with a 136 and a 111, Jackie Anderson scored a 118 – the doubles seemed elusive for most of the team, with Captain Wendy Haines and Jim Hood garnering 3 wins each. Final score X-Men 24 – Triples 9.

The Parksville Legion Shooters welcomed former league spare, Rocky Paquette, to their team and he jumped on the Leader Board the first night with a team high score of 147. Shooter’s hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Short Sighted Crew to 33 games of darts. The home team came out of the gate strong, taking the first four singles games from the away team. Shaking off the chalk dust the Crew picked up their elbows and in the fifth set took the lead and didn’t let it go. Top points for the Crew went to Ron Stanley with four wins in five matches, team high score of 140 went to Peter Bisiker and most high scores goes to the unflappable Ernie Berrow with scores of 121x2, 105 and 100. Most wins for the Shooters was a three way tie between Lorraine Hopps, Larry MacDonald and Thom Ford, the latter hitting the Leader Board with a high check-out of 82. Final score Short Sighted Crew 18 – Shooters 15.

The Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters, being temporarily displaced from the Qualicum Legion, played home to the Cascadia Bristle Bashers away at the Parksville Legion. Racing out of the gate, the Bristle Bashers were ten points ahead before the Hitters Alan Farmer broke their winning streak. Steve Collins hit a 168 in his first match, as well as two 133’s and a 125, and proved unbeatable in all five of his matches. Dustin Fee propped up the wins with four out of five wins to the tally for the Bashers. Warren Potter also hit the Leader Board with a high check out of 90. Most wins and high score for the Hitters, winning four of six matches and a 121, was Bernie Brockway. Final score Bristle Bashers 24 – Bulls Hitters 9.

Two Eagles Hall teams met Tuesday night, Eagle Eyes playing home to the Straight Arrows away. Coming out strong the home team had a commanding lead over the Arrows until the aways evened it up in the fourth set. Maintaining their edge the Straight Arrows snatched the lead away from the Eagle Eyes in the last two sets – final score – Straight Arrows 18 – Eagle Eyes 15. Leading the wins for the Arrows, returning player, John Curtis, and newcomer, Mike Beno, each won four of their five matches. High scorer for the Arrows was Ron Keast with a 123. Most wins for the Straight Arrows was a three-way tie between Tedd Ducker, Alan Barry and Rodney Arnold – each winning three of their five matches. High score for the Eagle Eyes was Co-Captain, Harry Vanheerwaarden, with a 132 and two 100’s.

That’s a wrap for week one of the season, keep playing well everyone, and let’s make this short season a memorable one!

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