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October 4th Dart Details

Playing at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples welcomed former captain, Wendy Haines, to spare for the night against the Eagles Hall X-Men. The seven X-Men bulldozed the home team to win 28 to 5. Leading the wins for the X-Men was a four-way tie between Todd Burnham, Glen Dilworth, Fraser Vincent and Steve Stewart – all winning four of their matches. Team high score, 138, was a tie between Todd Burnham and Glen Dilworth. Leading the wins for the home team, Captain Lesley Rodgers pulled two wins away from the X-Men machine.


Parksville Legion B-Sharps hosted the Parksville Legion Shooters, putting up a brave fight against the top team in the league, but succumbed to a 21 to 12 loss at the end of the night. B-Sharps’ Arless McNeill had the magic touch against the Shooters and won all five of his matches, achieving scores of 100, 101, 121 and 140. Taking the top wins for the Shooters, Larry MacDonald, lost only to Arless, adding five wins to the team’s total score. Dave Oliver, Thom Ford and Captain Lorraine Hopps backed up the leader with four wins each. Larry was also high scorer for the night, shooting a 133 in the first doubles match.


Also playing at the Eagles Hall, the home team Eagle Eyes welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion Short Sighted Crew to a neck-and-neck match. There was lots of fun and lessons taught to the Crew’s newest recruit, Carolynne Hawryluk, who participated in a number of double-one marathons, getting her first win in the league. Don Punter won four of his five matches to achieve the team “top scorer” for the night. Tedd Ducker led the Eagle Eyes to the final winning score of 17 to 16, contributing four wins from his five games. Both teams demonstrated the “Scoring for Show, Doubles for Dough, as neither team had particularly high scores, with a 100 being the only noted score for either team.


Parksville Legion was the site of the match between the Cascadia Bristle Bashers and the Qualicum Beach Legion Bulls Hitters. Giving them a run for their money, the Bulls Hitters took 11 wins away from the Bashers, led by Captain Peter Spinks, Bernie Brockway and Joe Fortune with two wins each. Doubling the wins of their opponents, the Bashers had a four-way tie for top score – Steve Collins, Don Enockson, Dustin Fee and Noella Ross – all got four wins in five matches. Noella was on a roll, achieving high score of 140 and a 64 check-out as well.


The San Group Wood Chuckers met with the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows at the Qualicum Beach Legion for a closely scored night of darts. It was a tied match until the final set, when Anita Hopps, Kelly Kovacs and Jim Thompson pulled three wins in, getting the final score of 17 to 16 for the home team. Jim Thompson was unbeatable in his five matches, also pinning a high score of 154 and a 78 check-out. Leading the wins for the away team, Don McIlhargey came out of retirement to add three, as did Mike Beno. Ron Keast took the high score for the team, shooting 100x2, 115 and a 140.


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