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December 21st Dart Highlights

First off, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. COVID, more specifically its Omicron variant, has buggered up the dart season for at least a month. Fortunately we were all about to take a three-week break anyhow, so now two weeks has been added to that, and we had to cancel the Fun Shoot. Darn, I was looking forward to shopping for a LOT OF LIQUOR right after New Years – catch all the sales.

We will keep you posted about venue availability as 2022 unfolds. Until then, have a read about what happened on the oche just before Christmas:

The Shooters were literally shooting shots both on and off the toe-line as they welcomed the Qualicum Beach Legion B-Sharps for a 2021 final night of darts at the Parksville Legion. Perhaps the B-Sharps caught them off-guard in the first doubles match, but the Shooters quickly recovered and won the next seven matches in a row. Leading the wins for the Shooters was a three-way tie between Lorraine Hopps, Larry MacDonald and Captain Lloyd Ausland – each taking four of their five matches. The rest of the team – George Wallis, Thom Ford and Rocky Paquette – followed closely behind with three wins each. Nudging out Lorraine Hopp’s high score of 134, Rocky Paquette topped the scores with a 135! Taking the top spot for the B-Sharps, Stan Foster doubled out in four of his five matches and a high out of 67. The ladies topped the high scores for the B-Sharps, both Captain Colleen McNeill and Sue Foster shot a 112. Final score - 23 to 10 for the Shooters.


Working the boards at the Qualicum Beach Legion, two Qualicum Beach Legion teams met for a fun night of darts. Home team, Short Sighted Crew, started out strong and stayed strong, dominating the wins in each set over the away Bulls Hitters. Leading the wins for the Crew, and maintaining his spot at the top of the leader board, Lee Page was unbeatable – winning five for five. Don Punter won four out of five and was team high scorer with a 140. Recruiting another spare for the league, the Bulls Hitters rounded up former Warrior, Ron Hession, to join for a night of darts. Despite not playing for the past 18 months, Ron snagged three wins in six matches from the home team, way to go! Also winning three of his six matches, Colin Adams confirmed he did NOT shoot a 160 the week before. A retraction is needed, and is the fault of sketchy penmanship on the score sheet, nothing to do with poor eyesight on my part. High scorer for the Bulls Hitters is a very clearly written 140, shot by Ray Jones. Finals score 22 to 11.


It was even-steven for the Cascadia Bristle Bashers and the Comfort Group X-Men until the fourth singles set, when the X-Men flexed their superpowers and pulled out ahead of the home team. Unable to reply in kind, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers were bested 15 to the X-Men’s 18 points. Leading the wins for the Men, Steve Stewart and Todd Burnham both won five of their six matches, their only loss each going to the unbeatable Basher Steve Collins. High scorer for the Men, Ruth Kovacs shot a 136 and a 110, nice darts Ruth! X-Man Rob Sparrow flew onto the League Leader Board’s third place with a 93 high check-out. Cascadia Bristle Bashers’ Steve Collins, as just mentioned, was the first to double out in all six of his matches with scores of 120 and 117. Noella Ross doubled out four of her six matches and ousted her sister Lorraine from the Woman’s League High Out top spot with a 93 check-out. High scorer for the Bashers goes to Captain Mike Driscoll, who shot a 133 – nice darts!

The match between the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows and the Toolshed Triples was postponed due to a player shortage. Please ask your friends and neighbours if they would like to spare for the league, we sure could use them!


Happy New Year to all, play safe and hopefully the league can resume quickly.

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