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Week Three Dart Highlights

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Playing out of their joint home venue, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Eagles Hall X-Men to a fun-filled night of chucking arrows at the Eagles Hall. The lead in the match ping-ponged back and forth from set to set. In the fifth singles set, the X-Men whitewashed the Triples, but the Triples bounced back in the sixth. Leading the wins for the home team, Triples’ Leslie Rodgers and Darren Tabler both doubled out three of their five matches, one of which was a 68 out thrown by Leslie. Topping the scores for the Toolshed’s, Jim Hood and Keith Reimer each shot a 100. Leading the wins for X-Men, Gen Dilworth, missed only one chance to double out first in his five singles matches of the night. Solid support from Pony Moore, Rob Sparrow, Captain Todd Burnham and Darren Wesnoski came in the form of three wins each. Pony and Glen shared the top spot for scores – 140. X-men Fraser Vincent doubled out one of his matches with a 94, putting him on the Leader Board in first place for Men’s High Outs for the season.

Final score Toolshed Triples – 13, Eagles Hall X-Men – 20.


Due to player shortages, the River Benders and the Respect-A-Bulls had to postpone their match at the Parksville Legion. This is the second game postponement in three weeks due to a lack of spares. Please dear reader, scan your neighbourhood, local pub or golf course and see if you can refer some spares to the league. As it is now, we have only one spare who will even answer the phone, and then profess they are not that good a player. While we all appreciate the honesty, it doesn’t instill confidence. We really need more spares. Dig deep Dart Association members…let’s find us some spares!

Update: The match between the River Benders and the Respect-A-Bulls took place on November 9th at the Parksville Legion.

Final score River Benders - 18, Respect-A-Bulls - 15.


The Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes welcomed the Short Sighted Crew to the Eagles Hall for a hard fought match of darts. Continuing their goose-egg trend in the doubles, the Eagle Eyes had to make up for lost ground in the singles sets. Leading the wins for the Eagle Eyes, Interim-Captain Harry Vanheerwaarden was undefeated in his five sets, followed by Sue Barry with four wins in five. Topping the scoreboard, Arless McNeill hit a 156, ousting Peter Bisiker from the third place on the Leader Board. Leading the wins for the Crew, Captain Ron Stanley and Peter Bisiker both bested four out of five Eagle Eyes. Peter also took team high score with a 118 shot in his first singles match of the night.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 16, Short Sighted Crew – 17.


Over at the Parksville Legion, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers greeted the Joker’s Wild with open arms and loaded darts. Taking all but one win in the doubles and the first two singles sets, the Basher’s kept on pounding in the doubles against the newest team in the league. Leading the wins for the Bashers, Terry Strawson was unbeatable, despite a gallant effort to let this blogger win one against him. Steve Collins, Warren Potter and Darrell Jobb each brought four wins apiece to the final score. Topping the scores for the team, Captain Mike Driscoll pinned a 140 in the first doubles match. Leading the wins for the Joker’s Wild, Richard Rempel squeezed three wins in five matches from the home team. Richard also topped the scores for the team, hitting a 120 mid-way through the night.

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 25, Joker's Wild – 8.


Way over at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Legion Shooters gave the Eagle’s Hall Straight Arrows a lesson in high scores and quick doubling out. Leading the wins for the home team Shooters, Larry MacDonald was unstoppable in his doubles. Thom Ford only allowed one Arrow to double out before he did. Lee Page was the star of the day, getting a hat-trick with team high-score – 140, high-out – 77 and the season’s first Perfect Score – 180! Great darts Lee! The Arrows’ John Curtis topped the team scores with a 140, and a 135, in the same game! Top wins went to Mike Beno, who only lost to Larry MacDonald in his five times at the oche.

Final score Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 22, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 11.


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