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Week 21 Dart Action

What a week the league is having, I think the planets are misaligned or something. 

What can I write about A Division results this week?  Nothing.  Two forfeits in one week is mindboggling enough.  Moving on…

The B-Division is chugging along nicely, with the Respect-A-Bulls hosting the Jokers Wild to a fun-filled, marathon of darts at the Parksville Legion.  Both teams had five players, so it was play and chalk, repeat as necessary for seven sets of darts.  The score was pretty well even by mid-match, when the Jokers Wild stumbled and the Respect-A-Bulls surged ahead.  A last set dominance by the away team put the Jokers Wild in the lead at the end of the night. With most wins for the Respect-A-Bulls, Joe Fortune, bested five of his six opponents and pinned a 140 for high-score of the match.  Tom Ayley brought four wins in six mostly because he won the double-one marathons.  With Richard Rempel out of town and Emma Vanier under the weather, the Jokers Wild recruited team spare, Coleen Hawksbee, to fill their ranks to five. Leading the wins for the JWilds, Dave Edwards won five of his six matches and hit scores of 100 & 125.  High score was a 134 shot by Shawn Vanier, on his road to winning three of his six matches.  Kevin Gillingham showed his prowess, hitting scores of 101 and 128, by doubling out first in four of his six matches.  This win was the second this season for the team of mostly novice players.

Final score Respect-A-Bulls – 15, Jokers Wild – 18


Over at the Eagles Hall, the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes hosted the Toolshed Triples to seven sets of darts.  Despite winning two of three doubles matches, the Eagle Eyes couldn’t seem to find their groove against the Triples who dominated four of the six singles sets.  Leading the wins for the home team, Eagle Eyes’ Arless McNeill and Toni Crompton each won three of their five singles, with Arless topping the scores with a 140 and a 121 along his journey.  Triple Jim Hood, was unstoppable on the doubles, winning all six of his singles games and topping the scores with a 120.  Captain Leslie Rodgers offered solid support for her team, winning five in six matches.   

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 14, Toolshed Triples – 19


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