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Week 15 Dart Action

Following a dearth of darts, both in real life and on tv, the League resumed regular league play on Tuesday night. To get my head around writing the blog tonight, I got back in the groove by watching highlights of Day One of the 2024 Bahrain Darts Masters on YouTube. I’m not surprised to see all the PDC members proceed to the next level, but boy, some of their opponents sure did give them a run for their money. Can’t wait for the next two nights to see how far the dart phenom, Luke Littler, goes in this tournament.  

I digress, back to District 69 shenanigans at the oche this past week.

The Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes hosted the Respect-A-Bulls at the (probably) chilly Eagles Hall.  Fortunately, with four teams playing at the venue, it wouldn’t have stayed chilly for long.  Likely not suffering the cold, two of the Eagle Eyes were MIA, so the league spare, Harry Ross, was recruited to join the remaining four.  Taking an early lead, the Eagle Eyes slowly lost their advantage over the Respect-A-Bulls. The match was tied when the final match of the night commenced.  Eagle Eye, Toni Crompton, went into the match with four wins already, and her winning streak continued when she came out victorious against her worthy opponent, Randy Morrow. Toni topped the wins with five in six, with solid support from the steady-handed Arliss McNeill, who pulled in four wins in his six singles matches.  Team high score was a 140, shot by Colleen McNeil in her match against the top points earner for the Respect-A-Bulls, Tom Ayley.  Tom won five of his six singles games, including the one against Colleen.  Randy Morrow and Joe Fortune both added three wins each to the final score, and Randy topped the scores with a 135 and 133. 

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 17, Parksville Legion Respect-A-Bulls – 16


Filling up the rest of the boards at the Eagles Hall, the Toolshed Triples hosted the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows for thirty-three games of arrows (is that how the Straight Arrows got their name??  😉).  Leading the wins for the home team, Triple Keith Reimer won three of his five singles games and hit the high score of the night – a 133 in his first match.  Jim Hood almost made the Leader Board with a 79 out in one of his two winning matches, better luck next time.  Leading the wins for the Straight Arrows, Mike Beno was undefeated in his five matches, supported with four wins from Poul Reimer.  Topping the scores for the Straight Arrows, Shane Ovington hit a 138 and 102x2. 

Final score Toolshed Triples – 12, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 21


Over at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the league top dogs met with the league new dogs for a fast-paced night of darts.  Despite some very valiant efforts from the Jokers Wild, with some very close games, the Legion Shooters were the first to double out in most of the games on Tuesday.  Leading the wins for the Jokers Wild, Richard Rempel pulled three wins away from the Shooters, as well as shot the top score of 140, 102 and 100x4. The other singles win by the Jokers Wild, came from Shawn Vanier with a win over titan Larry MacDonald.  The Shooters’ Lee Page was undefeated in all six singles and hit the team high score of 160, 140x2, and 100x6. 

Final score Jokers Wild – 5, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 28


Warming up the boards at the Parksville Legion, the Cascadia Bristle Bashers welcomed the Eagles Hall X-Men to a spirited night of darts.  The home team Bashers took the lead early, winning all the doubles matches as well as the first two singles games, before the X-Men hit a match dart.  The X-Men warmed up after the first two singles sets, winning the final three.  The scores were pretty even until the final set, when the Basher’s best pulled in two more wins in the last two matches.  Leading the wins, Terry Strawson was unbeatable in five, Steve bested in only one of five and hit his second 171 of the season.  Leading the wins for the X-Men was a four-way tie with three wins apiece for Glen Dilworth, Pony Moore, Darren “Opie” Wesnoski and captain, Todd Burnham.  Rob Sparrow pinned a 132 early on in the night, topping the teams scores for the night. 

Final score Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 18, Eagles Hall X-Men – 15


Filling the rest of the Parksville Legion boards, the River Benders hosted the Qualicum Beach Legion Short-Sighted Crew on Tuesday night.  The lead volleyed back and forth between the two teams mid-way through the match, when the home team pulled ahead and won the match.  Leading the wins for the Benders, Jim Thompson was undefeated until he met Crew-member, Don Punter at the oche. Team mate Ken Ermentrout bested four Crew-members in six singles games.  Bender Craig Dempsey topped the scores for the team, hitting a 143 & 114.  Leading the wins for the away team, Don Punter, won five of his six games and hit top scores of 165 (putting him on the Leader Board) and a 127 – nice darts Don!  Peter Bisiker pulled in four wins and hit a 99 out, putting him in 2nd place for Men’s High Out this season.

Final score Legion River Benders – 19, QB Legion Short-Sighted Crew – 14





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