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Week 4 Results Print
Written by Dustin Fee   
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 12:10

Home team Cascadian Bristle Bashers bested the Express Custom Bulls Hitters 20 to 13 at the Parksville Legion. Top scorer for the Bashers was Terry Strawson with 140 and 100 x 2, Tedd Ducker and Captain, Mike Driscoll, also shot a 100 each. Alan Farmer of the Bulls Hitters was the teams high scorer with 121 x 2 and 110. Captain Peter Spinks shot a 109, Anita Hopps got a 114 and Angie Kienas and Ray Jones both shot a 100.

Two Qualicum Legion teams battled it out on Tuesday with the Short Sighted Crew seeing their way to a 28-5 win over the sophomore Toolshed Triples. Leading the Crew in most high scores was John Eyre with a 139, 127, 125, 121 and 100 x 3, Peter Bisiker and Ron Stanley both scored 140’s Don Punter shot a 117 and Ernie Berrow shot a 100.

Parksville Legion Straight Arrows hosted the British Bobby Warriors and successfully won 24 of the 33 matches played. Stu Dunn brought his A-Game and won all six of his matches and the teams highest score of 133. Team Captain Shirley Ewert shot a 125 and Don McIlhargey shot a 100. Ron Hession of the Warriors was the teams high scorer with a 100 and Captain Ruth Kovacs lead the teams wins with three matches out of six.

Parksville Legion Shooters met the Allwood Finishers at their home venue, Sunset Lanes, and were bested 21 to 12 by the Finishers. Larry Fuller and Fish Trouton won all six of their games, with Gerry James right behind them with five matches to his credit. Larry Fuller shot two 140’s and had high check out of the night with a 95. Fish Trouton shot 100 x 3 and a 123. Gerry James’ high score was 102. Team mate, Harry Vanheerwaarden, was unable to play yet showed up to chalk and support his team to their victory! Speedy recovery Harry!!

Week 1 Results Print
Written by Dustin Fee   
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 23:31

The Straight Arrows beat the Toolshed Triples 21 to 12 at the Qualicum Legion. High scorers for the Arrows were Don McIlhargey with a 140, 116 and two 100’s, Jim Fraser with 113 and 100 and team captain, Shirley Ewert’s, high score was 113. Don McIlhargey lead the team winning all five of his games played. Alan Barry was the top scorer for the Toolshed Triples, with a 122 and Wendy Haines threw a 118.


It was a close game between the Short Sighted Crew and the Legion Shooters with the Short Sighted Crew came out ahead with 18 games to the Shooter’s 15 games. High scorer for the Crew’s was John Eyre with a 140 and 133. Peter Bisiker lead the teams with with five for five games played. Tom Ford of the Shooters got two 139’s and Captain, Lloyd Ausland, scored a 125.


The Cascadia Bristle Bashers won 26-7 over the B-Sharps. Under the new rule, which allows teams to play with four players when team members no-show on game night, the B-Sharps were able to play the match, with an automatic 6 points going to the Bristle Bashers for their forfeited games.


High Scorers for the Bristle Bashers were Mike Driscoll with 140, Terry Strawson with a 124 and 120, Dustin Fee with two 100’s and Don Enochsen shot a 112. Noella Ross got a 103 checkout. High Scorers for the B-Sharps were Arless McNeill with 140 and two 100’s. Jason Samm’s 100 and 102 scores helped him be top player for the team with four wins for the night. Captain, Colleen McNeill, shot a 116 and a 100.


The Allwood Finishers bested the British Bobby Warriors 25-8 playing at their new mutual home venue, the Sunset Lanes. The Sunset Lanes has music, atmosphere galore and a patio! Both teams are looking forward to playing out of the Sunset Lanes this season.


High Scorers for the Finishers were Fish Trouton with a 160, and three 100’s, Captain, Jolene Swanson, scored 124, Larry Fuller a 123, Harry Vanheerwaarden scored a 120 and 100, Gerry James shot a 100 and, along with Larry Fuller, won all five games he played. High scorers for the Warriors were Ron Hession with 132 and 114, Dale Simpson shot a 108 and a 101. Team Caption, Ruth Kovacs, shot a 100. Jackie Anderson stopped Fish Trouton from winning all his matches by taking the game with a double two!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 23:35
New Season Print
Written by Dustin Fee   
Saturday, 09 September 2017 16:15

The new season for District 69 Darts Association begins on September 12th. Check the schedule for your matches on opening night. Shoot Well!!!

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 September 2017 16:16
Tournament Results Print
Written by Dustin Fee   
Wednesday, 03 May 2017 10:38
Bernie’s Darts

Winner: Terry Strawson
High Score: John Eyre 174
High Checkout: Larry Fuller 124
Jason Samms 180

Barb Hamilton

Winner: Dale Simpson
Men’s High Score: Dale Simpson 135
Ladies High Score: Noella 121
Ladies High Checkout: Jolene 184

Past President’s Trophy

Winner: Peter Spinks
Ladies High Score: Ruth Kovacs 98
Ladies High Checkout: Colleen McNeil  35
Mens High Score: Arliss McNeil 116
Mens High Checkout: Arliss McNeil  51

Mix Doubles Tournament

WINNER: Ruth and Tom
RUNNER UP: Sylvia and Jason
MENS HIGH SCORE: Mike Driscoll 156
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 10:43
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