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Halloween Dart Highlights

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

*UPDATE* After the River Benders and the Toolshed Triples were hustled from the Parksville Legion on Halloween, it took seven more weeks before they found a night to reschedule. The home team, River Benders, struggled from the get-go, missing all three doubles matches and losing all but one singles set. Jim Thompson hit his second 180 of the season and boasted scores of 140 and 120. Leading the wins for the Triples, Darren Tabler, was in top form for five of his six singles games. Captain Leslie Rodgers won four of her six matches and topped the team score with a 132.

Final score River Benders - 14, Toolshed Triples - 19


Meeting at the Qualicum Beach Legion, the Short Sighted Crew hosted the Cascadia Bristle Bashers to a fast-paced night of darts. Leaping out of the gate, the Bashers let only five wins slip out their grasp in the first half of the match. The home team rallied in the second half, putting seven wins to their credit. Leading the wins for the Bashers, Dustin Fee and Steve Collins each won four of their five matches. Steve shot a 140, 121 and a 100, for top scorer for the night. Veteran Crew members, Peter Bisiker and Don Punter, topped the wins for the home team – four out of six singles matches ending in their favour. Peter pinned a 120 and a 121 to top the scores for the night.

Final score Short Sighted Crew – 13, Cascadia Bristle Bashers – 20


Darts are fickle, and no team knows that better than the Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes. Last week they could do almost no wrong, this week they struggled to find a couple doubles each in their match against the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows. Arrow’s Mike Beno and Poul Reimer were unbeatable in their five singles matches. Dart’s darling, Pat Spinks, surprised herself – and everyone else – by doubling out four of her five matches. Topping the scores, John Curtis, threw a 140 in the final match of the night. Despite the huge points, he was unable to best Eagle Eye, Colleen McNeill. Coleen was the top winner for the team, garnering three wins out of five matches. Eagle Eye, Alan Barry, tossed a 146 in his first singles match of the night to take top score for the team.

Final score Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes – 11, Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – 22


Playing a day later than most of the league, the Respect-A-Bulls joined the Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters at the Parksville Legion. The top team in the league did not slack, flexing their doubling out prowess in 27 of the 33 matches. Newly-minted Canadian Shooter, Lee Page, was unstoppable in his six singles games, followed by five wins each from Larry MacDonald and Thom Ford. Rocky Paquette topped the scores for the night, hitting a 147 in his match against newbie player, Leila Raynor. The home team struggled to score, but Joe Fortune, Randy Morrow and spare, Harry Ross, took two wins each away from the Shooters. Randy had a 64 check-out and top scores of 117, 101x2, 100.

Final score Respect-A-Bulls – 7, Qualicum Beach Legion Shooters – 26


Hosting the Joker’s Wild at the Eagles Hall, the X-Men welcomed them with cheers and hurrahs. With both teams missing their top players, those remaining had their work cut out for them, but the X-Men showed their experience throughout the night. Taking the lead in the doubles matches, the X-Men continued to dominate, whitewashing the Joker’s Wild in the third singles set. Rallying through the second half of the match, the Joker’s Wild narrowed the point’s gap, but not enough to overtake the X-Men by the 33rd game. Leading the wins for the home team, X-Men Pony Moore doubled out five of his six singles matches. X-Men, Darren “Opie” Wesnoski, contributed four wins to the team totals – as well has hit scores of 140 133 and 100x3. Pony also hit a 140, and took out his match against Emma Vanier with a score of 97, putting Pony at the top of the Leader Board and pushing his team mate, Fraser Vincent, to position number two. Leading the wins for the Joker’s Wild, Kevin Gillespie, pinned his doubles in four of his six matches and Dave Edwards topped the scores for the team with a 100.

Final score Eagles Hall X-Men – 18, Joker's Wild – 15


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