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Chalking Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Scorekeepers “10” Commandments

  1. THOU SHALT NOT talk while keeping score!

  2. THOU SHALT NOT move about – stand still!

  3. THOU SHALT NOT look at the shooter – stand still and face the board.

  4. THOU SHALT NOT call out a score of darts, unless asked.

  5. THOU SHALT NOT tell a shooter what to shoot.

  6. THOU SHALT NOT tell a shooter what combination to shoot to go out.

  7. THOU SHALT NOT change a score if that player has shot again and a second score written down after it.

  8. THOU SHALT NOT lean out to see where a dart is or follow the darts with body or hand movement.

  9. THOU SHALT NOT show any sign of disgust or excitement when scoring!

  10. THOU SHALT NOT change the sides of the scoreboard of players, in a three leg match, if you start them on the left then leave them on the left, regardless of the bull.

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