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A BIG thank you to all who came out to play darts at the Qualicum Legion yesterday.  The weather was pretty spectacular, plus everyone's worrying about spreading COVID19, so there were a few less people than anticipated.  Fist bumps, curtsies and bows were the greeting of the day as five teams got to playing at 1:45.  Three rounds later the winners were:

1st Place:                   Brad LeClerq and Jolene Swanson

2nd Place:                 Tom Ford and Noella Ross

3rd Place:                  George Wallis and Barb Marsh

Ladies High Score:     Barb Marsh  134

Ladies High Out:        Donna Wallis  102

Men's High Score:      Rocky Paquette  140

Men's High Out:         Brad Leclerq  106

Snowball winner:       Barb Marsh