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District 69 Dart Association

2020 League Officials

Jolene Swanson (Statistician/Web Administrator)

How to join the League?

If you're interested in entering a team in the league or wish to be a spare player, please click the "Contact Us" link below and fill out the form.

Contact us

In the 2019 - 2020 Season, the following bars and teams participate in the District 69 Dart Association

Eagles Hall
Parksville Legion
Qualicum Legion
Toolshed Triples
Allwood Finishers
Cascadia Bristle Bashers
Eagles Hall Eagle Eyes
Eagles Hall Straight Arrows
Parksville Legion Shooters
Parksville Legion Warriors
Parksville Legion X-Men
Qualicum Legion B-Sharps
Qualicum Legion Bulls Hitters
Qualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew
Toolshed Triples